PreHab. Joint Replacement Surgery. ReHab.

Recovery begins before joint replacement surgery. Let the PeerWell app guide you towards a healthier tomorrow.

How PeerWell benefits you

joint replacement patient prehabbing his body with peerwell

Strengthens your body

Exercises target the muscle groups affected by joint replacement surgery. Our low-impact exercises will improve your strength, balance and range of motion. The PeerWell program jumpstarts weight loss and can improve cardiac health before the stress of surgery. After your replacement, continue customized target exercises to get back on your feet faster.

a happy vegetable is part of good prehab nutrition

Improves your nutrition

Small diet changes can promote healing, improve blood sugar control and reduce inflammation before and after surgery. The PeerWell app shares the superfoods, nutrients, and recipes that gives your body what it needs to kick recovery into high-gear.

joint replacement prehab patient doing guided mindfulness exercise to prepare for surgery

Reduces your anxiety

Surgery is scary and the thought of ReHab can be just as daunting. Mentally prepare, reduce anxiety and keep fear at bay with our in-app mindfulness program, drug-free pain management techniques and community support.

peerwell helps you keep track of all the logistics around joint replacement surgery

Prepares you and your environment for surgery

How will you get to the hospital? What changes should be made to get your home ready for recovery? You’ll need to make some adjustments to your life (and environment) in order to recover quickly and comfortably. PeerWell helps you organize all of the “extras” that you haven’t had time to think about.

stopping smoking before joint replacement surgery is one of the ways peerwell helps you reduce your risk

Reduces your medical risk

Surgery is tough enough without having to worry about complications. Our program helps you reduce your risks by curbing unhealthy behavior. PeerWell will steer you away from the common pitfalls that lead to infection, surgery revisions and poorer joint replacement outcomes.

drugs aren't the only way to manage pain before and after joint replacement surgery

Helps you manage your pain

As you know, pain management is tricky. Our app arms with you with proven opioid-free pain management skills to help control your pain, your way, for the long-term. Learn cutting-edge techniques that will help you get through painful surgery prep and recovery.

PeerWell program preview

the peerwell checklist brings you new information and activities to get your prepared for joint replacement surgery

Complete your daily checklist

Each day, get a customized list of the exercises, activities and interactive lessons that will have the greatest impact on your surgery prep and recovery.

interactive progress assessments help you stay on top of your prehab and rehab

Track your progress

PeerWell tracks your progress, letting you challenge yourself and compare how well you’re doing to peers. In-app progress tracking includes the world’s first mobile range of motion/flexion measurement tool.

bed exercises are part of a large set of prehab activities

World-class PreHab and ReHab program

Each activity in the program was designed by field experts who understand joint replacement surgery better than anyone. PeerWell delivers a cutting-edge plan fueled by leading technology.