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Build a Joint Replacement Center of Excellence

PeerWell supports the fundamentals required for building a leading hip and knee replacement COE.

A center of excellence (sometimes called a COE) is an established collective of physicians and administrators that band together to commit to delivering the highest quality of care in a specific specialty. Hospitals adopt the designation “center of excellence” to publicly highlight and market expertise and dedication to a focused clinical service, like joint replacement surgery.

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Why your hospital should be a center of excellence

Win more patients: market a cut above

Becoming the leading regional, national or international joint replacement center is the number one reason for striving for an earned spot as a recognized Center of Excellence (COE). Building a renowned joint replacement specialty program stands out in any community. A world-class joint replacement program attracts new patients in a competitive marketplace as well as top-tier talent that provide the necessary skills for maintaining a leading orthopedic program.

Strategically creates a better specialty program

Legitimate centers of excellence are not just high volume programs with good outcomes--they are excellent institutions that work to attract and retain the best talent from top to bottom. A great joint replacement Center of Excellence program amalgamates the best of the best that a community has to offer to deliver the highest level of care to patients. Strategically built orthopedic programs are more transparent, goal and growth-oriented, and open communication from the front line to the c-suite.

Higher quality of standarized care

Following set requirements for success and a day-to-day clinical flow that delivers excellent care is at the heart of any top specialty program. A COE should be designed around quantifiable measures like having a fixed number of staff accredited in continued learning programs, requiring surgeons to perform a minimum number of cases to be brought into the system, reporting patient satisfaction etc. Hardcoding long-term measures and daily clinical flow into place raises the quality benchmark--this lets everyone win.

Building and orthopaedic "center of excellence"

Clearly defined roles help your hosptial run efficiently

1. Clear, cohesive leadership

Appointing influential program directors both in administration and with a talented physician group creates champions who will lead the program toward greatness. A clear organizational structure with defined roles and leaders will provide the platform for unified teamwork, goal achievement and cross-department cooperation.

having high service standards forces everyone to up their game

2. High-standard of surgical experience

Setting the procedure types and outcomes required to qualify for and stay within your specialty program not only keeps quality standards high, but can be be used for impactful marketing material, year-end reporting and towards other mandated Medicare models. Raising program standards keeps everyone at the top of their game.

offering comprehensive services is the best way to ensure a good experience for patients

3. Complete in-house services

Your care center must be able to accommodate all of the routine and intensive care of orthopaedic surgery patients. Providing complete in-house care before surgery through to discharge is a basic necessity. This includes having a fully-equipped facility with all necessary equipment for prehab, surgery and rehab.

having a game plan means there's less uncertainty around any situtation

4. Standardized operating procedures

Setting clinical pathways that facilitate the standardization of care means that when staff follow the defined milestones and measures, high quality care and service is achieved. Establishing better clinical process and reporting creates consistency, reduces complication and error risk, and boosts patient satisfaction.

PeerWell educates patients before and after surgeries to make the best patients

5. Patient education and support

Your hospital or clinic must provide engaging, comprehensive preoperative and postoperative patient education and support. This means investing in a proven PreHab and ReHab program that guides patients through the entire episode. A hands-off automated, program will offer unprecedented patient reported satisfaction levels which are directly atrributed to the surgeon and hospital.

How PeerWell helps you become a center of excellence

Aligns Goals and Interests of Admin, Clinicians and Patients

PeerWell is the surgeon-preferred PreHab program and patient engagement app. Program goals are unified when patients are more prepared for surgery; when clinicians save time while engaging more with patients; and admin can oversee higher quality of care.

Standardizes Care to Serve Better and Save Time

Each day, PeerWell’s complete smartphone PreHab and ReHab program guides patients through all of the medically-proven activities and learnings that lowers risk, improves outcomes, and speeds up recovery. Patients are guided through the same comprehensive program with PeerWell’s “set and forget” technology.

Improves Patient Satisfaction

PeerWell offers patients white-glove service that boosts patient satisfaction and feelings of peer and professional support. Because PeerWell is customized and co-branded with the hospital or surgeon’s office, patient satisfaction is automatically attributed to your care center.

Improves Patient Education

Without clogging admin or clinician time and resources, PeerWell breaks down the information, exercises and advice that are most impactful for patients. Without any heavy IT integration or bureaucracy, patients are better prepared and well-versed for surgery, automatically.

Contributes to Marketability

Smartphone apps are cooler than pamphlets or classes. A comprehensive PreHab and ReHab program delivered in daily, interactive lessons brings your institution up to speed with the times, helping you market your care center as a modern, cutting-edge centre of excellence.

Boosts Care Quality and Outcomes

PeerWell was designed to facilitate higher levels of attentive care between patient and provider. PeerWell positively contributes to the performance quality and reporting measures Medicare now requires under bundled payments, MACRA, MIPS and CJR.

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