PreHab. ACL Surgery. ReHab.

Get back to doing what you love faster with PeerWell’s PreHab & ReHab for ACL surgery. Surgery shouldn’t suck.

How PeerWell benefits you

joint replacement patient prehabbing his body with peerwell

Primes and repairs your body

Surgery is stressful on your body. PeerWell’s ACL PreHab program strengthens supporting muscles and flexibility before surgery. PeerWell’s follow-up ACL ReHab program repairs your muscles, while regaining your mobility and stability. PeerWell guides you through the daily exercises that will fast tracks healing.

a happy vegetable is part of good prehab nutrition

Improves your diet

You are what you eat! PeerWell’s nutritional content is designed for those preparing for and recovering from ACL surgery. Eat the foods that balance your blood sugar, reduce inflammation, and will heal you from the inside out. Easy-to-follow recipes and nutritional tips make pre and post-surgery eating simple (and tasty).

joint replacement prehab patient doing guided mindfulness exercise to prepare for surgery

Cuts down pre-surgery jitters

Will I heal quickly from surgery? What if something goes wrong? What is surgery makes me worse? Surgery is scary and the unknowns of recovery can be just as terrifying. PeerWell’s cognitive therapy, in-app meditation, and anti-anxiety lessons help you manage anxiety and get you in the best headspace.

peerwell helps you keep track of all the logistics around joint replacement surgery

Gets you organized

Getting ready for surgery means thinking about the future you, and taking care of a lot of small, teeny, tiny details. PeerWell walks you through everything you need to have organized before ACL surgery so that recovery can be smooth sailing. We’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to.

stopping smoking before joint replacement surgery is one of the ways peerwell helps you reduce your risk

Reduces your risk of complications

Recovering from surgery is hard enough so it’s tough to imagine adding post-op complications into the mix. Fortunately, PeerWell’s ACL PreHab and ReHab programs are designed to curb risky behaviours, reduce patient risk on procedure day, and lower rates of post-op infection.

drugs aren't the only way to manage pain before and after joint replacement surgery

Helps with pain management

Pain management isn’t one-size-fits-all. PeerWell teaches a wide-variety of pain management techniques to offer drug-free solutions to cope with pain. PeerWell’s multimodal pain management lessons teach you how to treat pain safely and effectively.

PeerWell's program preview

the peerwell checklist brings you new information and activities to get your prepared for joint replacement surgery

A 10-minute daily checklist

Each day, get a list of the exercises, activities and interactive lessons designed just for your ACL surgery. These activities are hand-picked to impact your surgery prep and recovery the most.

interactive progress assessments help you stay on top of your prehab and rehab

Measure your progress

PeerWell’s progress tracking lets you monitor how well you’re preparing for surgery and how your recovery is going. For the first time ever, you can measure your recovery with In-app ACL symmetrical range of motion measurement.

bed exercises are part of a large set of prehab activities

Cutting-Edge PreHab and ReHab program

People say “two brains are better than one”, so how about the brains of dozens of the top ACL experts? PeerWell’s ACL program is designed by diverse industry experts who are at the forefront of the procedure.