Helping people recover faster with devices they already own, safely from home.

PeerWell is the leading musculoskeletal recovery platform serving patients, third-party administrators, payers, and providers.

PeerWell is a musculoskeletal recovery platform that’s helped thousands of patients prepare for surgery or avoid it altogether. Injured workers that use PeerWell’s digital PreHab and ReHab platform return-to-work faster, require less in-person physical therapy, experience a lower risk recovery, and have fewer healthcare expenses. PeerWell’s built-in SMART Motion™ technology offers users the latest and greatest, making recovery engaging and accessible.

How to Work with PeerWell

PeerWell is a daily, at-home program that guides patients through painful flare-ups, musculoskeletal surgery prep, and recovery. When patients are activated and empowered, you achieve greater outcomes and controlled costs.


Call, Contract and Customize

We work directly with workers’ compensation insurers, Medicare Advantage programs, payers, administrators, and providers to determine how PeerWell’s surgery optimization and avoidance programs can meet key organization goals. We tailor our digital program to your patient population to achieve the best possible outcomes.


Implement and Onboard

Your frontline case managers, nurses, and other staff members will learn the ropes of PeerWell in minutes. A member of our training team will teach key processes— like how to add patients, and how to monitor progress and risk in the dashboard. Our support team continues to work alongside yours to answer any questions, make adjustments and process feature requests.


Support and Monitor Your Patients!

Your team, armed with PeerWell, will watch patients significantly impact their own outcomes. Better monitoring, clearer risk identification, continued support, and data collection are made easy with PeerWell’s automated system. Better patients meet bigger goals!

What Medical Conditions / Surgeries Are Covered?

PeerWell currently offers surgery optimization (PreHab), surgery recovery (ReHab) and surgery avoidance for the following musculoskeletal procedures:


Biceps repair

Biceps tenodesis

rotator cuff repair



Chronic pain

Discectomy (cervical/lumbar)

Laminectomy (cervical/lumbar)

Spinal fusion (cervical/lumbar)


ACL reconstruction


Total hip replacement

Total knee replacement


general surgery

Working with PeerWell

two happy shoulder repair patients

Workers' Programs

Injured workers become empowered patients with PeerWell’s at-home musculoskeletal programs. With PeerWell, care costs are controlled (significant post-acute care cost reduction) and return-to-work times are both reduced, and accurately predicted.
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two happy orthopaedic doctors whose patients use peerwell


As a health plan, third party administrator, or utilization management company, you can directly impact your population’s outcomes and better control costs. PeerWell empowers patients to actively improve their health, controlling chronic conditions and lowering pre-op and post-op risk.
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two happy hosptial executives whose hospitals use peerwell

Employer Services

Fortune 500 companies, smaller scale employers, brokers and third party administrators are leveraging PeerWell’s patient-facing programs to guide patients toward faster return-to-work times, greater satisfaction, and controlled costs.
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orthopaedic doctors


PeerWell serve as an extension of you, guiding patients to a lower-risk surgery and improved outcome. With PeerWell, your clinic can collect meaningful, reportable data that qualifies for additional billable revenue under CMS’ latest remote patient monitoring codes.
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two happy hosptial executives whose hospitals use peerwell

Health systems

PeerWell delivers a consistent and proven process for patients to prepare for and recovery from surgery. Standardized surgery prep and recovery helps your health system meet targets, track success, and collect meaningful data.
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Don't take our word for it

dr. Patil believes in the PeerWell philosophy

How PeerWell helps payers

We’re proud to offer such an impactful and innovative digital health program to our members. PeerWell serves our patients and Medicare, and is setting a precedent for how we approach musculoskeletal health and other chronic conditions in this country.

-Dr. Sanjay Patil, CEO of Golden State Medicare Health Plan

dr. mehran is happy with what peerwell does for his patients and his hospital

How PeerWell helps employers

PeerWell is a total game-changer. Not only has it reduced the care costs of claims, but it has given people support and superior care throughout challenging episodes. PeerWell is a must for employers, large and small,"

-Dr. Teresa Bartlett, Senior Medical Officer at Sedgwick

dr. mehran is happy with what peerwell does for his patients and his hospital

How PeerWell helps clinicians

PeerWell not only reduces the number of patient phone calls and questions received, it streamlines the entire pre-operative process. The program maximizes patient's preoperative health, reducing overall risk and helping get discharged straight home after a joint replacement.

-Dr. Nima Mehran, M.D, Orthopedic Surgeon

the former head of of CMS loves how peerwell works with CJR

How PeerWell helps executives

PeerWell helps patients get healthy before they go in for surgery—this is a really critical part of making bundled payments and CJR work better.

-Charlene Frizzera, Former Acting Administrator of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid

mary is very pleased with her experience with peerwell prehab

How PeerWell helps patients

I just want to be in the absolute best shape I can be before the surgery. I'm in a lot of pain and physically, I can't do very much at all. I can do the exercises in the PeerWell app and it makes me feel like I'm keeping myself as strong as possible.

-Mary, 71, PeerWell User

PeerWell in the press

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