PreHab Before Surgery, ReHab After

Use PeerWell’s PreHab app to improve surgery outcomes and recovery times
peerwell users recover from their joint replacements faster and safer

How PreHab & ReHab work

a joint replacement patient who does peerwell arrives at the hospital prepared and recovers super fast


Patients are given PeerWell

Once joint replacement surgery is scheduled, patients are given a registration code for the PeerWell app by their doctors.


Patients are surgery-ready

The patient downloads PeerWell and starts PreHab by completing a daily checklist of activities. On surgery day, patients are healthier and more prepared.


Surgery outcomes are better, recovery is faster

Surgery outcomes are better and complications are fewer. Patients have a head-start on recovery as they continue PeerWell's 90-day at-home ReHab program.

PeerWell in the press

two happy joint replacement patients


Start PeerWell in the weeks (or months) leading up to your joint replacement. PeerWell’s smartphone app guides you through the daily PreHab activities that are proven to improve surgery outcomes and lower your risk. After surgery, you’re on the fast-track to recovery with PeerWell’s follow-up ReHab program. See better results, faster.
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two happy orthopaedic doctors whose patients use peerwell


What if you could perform more joint replacement surgeries on healthier patients? PeerWell’s comprehensive PreHab and ReHab program was designed by the nation’s leading healthcare professionals to bring to life a “set and forget” system that has your patients working to improve their health, behind-the-scenes. Improve your clinical efficiency, workflow, year-end reporting and more with one, zero-maintenance app.
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two happy hosptial executives whose hospitals use peerwell


PeerWell aligns the interest of patients and care teams by improving patient pre-op health with an aim to lower surgery risk, complications, and readmission rates. PeerWell cuts episode of care costs by increasing patient discharge to home rates, utilizing outpatient physical therapy, and improving patient compliance. PeerWell promotes bundled payment success, the unprecedented collection of valuable patient data and the simplification of year-end reporting.
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Don't take our word for it

mary is very pleased with her experience with peerwell prehab

How PeerWell helps patients

I just want to be in the absolute best shape I can be before the surgery. I’m in a lot of pain and physically, I can’t do very much at all. I can do the exercises in the PeerWell app and it makes me feel like I’m keeping myself as strong as possible.

-Mary, 71, PeerWell User

dr. mehran is happy with what peerwell does for his patients and his hospital

How PeerWell helps clinicians

PeerWell not only reduces the number of patient phone calls and questions received, it streamlines the entire pre-operative process. The program maximizes patient’s preoperative health, reducing overall risk and helping get discharged straight home after a joint replacement.

-Dr. Nima Mehran, M.D, Orthopedic Surgeon

the former head of of CMS loves how peerwell works with CJR

How PeerWell helps executives

PeerWell helps patients get healthy before they go in for surgery—this is a really critical part of making bundled payments and CJR work better.

-Charlene Frizzera, Former Acting Administrator of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid

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